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Humza is a third year medical student at the University of Kentucky and is the general manager of the SHARE Center Clinic. Humza served as the President of the Muslim Student Association from 2012-2014 and currently serves as a board member for the Islamic Society of Central Kentucky. Additionally, he serves on the Executive Committee of the SHARE Center. 

SHARE stands for Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement. SHARE is a non-profit social service center for the economic and social advancement of the Lexington community. Our goal is to assist in the development of the individual, family, and community self-sufficiency, and to provide the tools and guidance to individuals so that they can become healthy, whole, righteous human beings including all race, religion and backgrounds. We strive to Make a Difference and Show Compassion in Lexington so that the individual is not relying on the Community but applying their abilities and committed desires to become self-reliant and remaining productive.

The primary means of attaining this is through our focus on helping people locate and get jobs. Inside this mission volunteers investigate and identify potential jobs and then counsel clients who enter the SHARE Center to match them with appropriate jobs. We provide the resources and guidance to get the jobs. We have attained a greater than fifty percent success rate at having clients secure jobs.

Center is a social service and advocacy center with the vision of mobilizing people around an activist agenda of community service that provides services and advocates for the physical and spiritual needs of the inner city communities of Lexington

Humza Qureshi

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Dr. Ihsan Bagby


Sister Saburah  is the co-founder and lead  community organizer for the SHARE Center. Her experience and activism in the Central Kentucky community has spanned more than two decades . 

Dr. Bagby graduated from the University of Michigan in Near Eastern Studies with specialty in Islamic Law.  His research for the last 10 years has focused on Muslims in America.  In 2001 he published his study of mosques in America, entitled The Mosque in America: A National Portrait.  Dr. Bagby also serves on numerous community action boards including CAIR, ISNA, MANA, and SHARE National

“And what will tell you what is the high road. It is the freeing of the slave. It is providing food on a day of hunger, to an orphaned relative or a needy person in distress” (Quran 90:12-16)

Saburah El-Amin


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