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Day of Dignity is Islamic Relief USA’s flagship effort, held in Lexington and around the U.S. annually, to reach out to the community along with organizers and partners to promote services for those most in need.


The Day of Dignity mission is to promote volunteerism, build relationships, and encourage local organizations to have a transformative impact on their community. It is also an effort to provide basic living essentials and medical services, and to connect beneficiaries to ongoing assistance.

It is incumbent upon Muslims to make a contribution by treating neighbors in need with respect, kindness, and love. These events are an opportunity for Muslim communities to engage with those in need of neighborly assistance. In an effort to dignify us all, Day of Dignity is a platform to start conversations and reach out to help one another.


1) To promote community service and provide relief to marginalized populations

2) To connect individuals in need with local services and service organizations

3) To build relationships between different communities with the shared mission of service

4) To provide basic living essentials such as food, clothing, medical services and more to persons lacking these essentials

5) To empower local partners to have a visible impact in their communities

6) To educate the general public about IRUSA’s service work and get people involved


Services provided at Day of Dignity-Lexington include, but  not limited to:

     - Medical Examinations -

     - Dental Services -

    - Haircuts -

    - Winter Coats and Accessories -

   - Job Recruitment 

- Civil Services -

    - Entertainment -

  - Lunch -

At the SHARE Center, we believe that hunger should be eliminated within our community. We offer free lunch every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month sponsored by the Muslim Student Association. A community food bank including canned goods, cereal, pasta, and other food staples is available  free of charge


Our main focus is assisting clients with finding a job. We provide computer resources that aids in writing a resume and job search. We hold an annual job fair that attracts many employers/agencies that also participate with onsite interviews.

At the SHARE Center, we offer Business casual clothes for interviews, Coat and clothing drives during winter & School clothes at the beginning of the semester. All our clothes are new or gently and given free of charge on a need basis.